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This waiver is required to participate in any event sanctioned by WMB (not exclusively WMB events). This includes WMB, D∓R, College, High School and Open events. We encourage you to create an account with us to speed up this process for you in the future and because the only way to pay for a membership online is by creating an account. You can create an account at any time and this waiver will transfer with it.

It is advised to use this method only if another party is purchasing your membership for you or you are planning to purchase your membership from a director at an event.

Date of Birth:

Liability Release Agreement

In submitting this agreement, I hereby:
  • Waive and release Justin Keithley, Cyrus Ruel, West Michigan Bass, Randy VanDam and D&R Sports Center Inc., the tournament host, all other contestants, volunteers, sponsors and tournament officials from any and all claims, damages, demands, costs or other expenses related to injury or any person or property, which I may sustain or which may be caused by reason of participating in or in connection with any West Michigan Bass or D&R Sports Center labeled, sanctioned or sponsored events.  
  • Acknowledge that it is my choice to leave an event at any time for any reason thus forfeiting the buy in fee and any membership fees, which are non-refundable.
  • Agree with and fully understand that any violation of the rules may result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees at the full discretion of the acting director.
  • Confirm that I maintain current liability insurance on any boat used in any West Michigan Bass or D&R Sports Center event.
  • Agree West Michigan Bass and D&R Sports Center and tournament sponsors shall have the right to video, photograph, record, publish, re-publish, adapt, exhibit, preform, reproduce, edit, modify, make derivative works, distribute, display or otherwise use or reuse the undersigned’s image, voice, and/or likeness in connection with any product or service in all markets, media or technology now known or hereafter developed in West Michigan Bass or D&R Sports Center products or services, as long as there is no intent to use the image, voice or likeness in a disparaging manner.  Further, I hereby release West Michigan Bass, D&R Sports Center and both companies officers, members, directors and agents from any and all causes of action or claims based upon or relating to the use of the undersigned’s image, video, voice and/or likeness. 
  • Waive my rights of privacy or publicity with the regard to the programs of the tournament in which I appear and consent to B.A.S.S., LLC's (and its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and those acting under their permission or upon their authority), copyrighting, distributing, televising, publishing and using in any way the audio and visual portions of any television videotape, film and photographs pictures of me or of interviews, scenes or other sequences in which I may be included, and any reproduction thereof, anywhere at any time through any medium or media for advertising, promotion, trade, television programming or other lawful purpose whatsoever; and I shall not be entitled to receive any royalties or other compensation in connection with such use.
  • Acknowledge and agree that B.A.S.S., LLC (and its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and those acting under their permission or upon their authority) shall have the right to use my personal information to contact me with communications and other advertisements, and may provide such information to any sponsor of B.A.S.S., LLC or its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, which sponsor may contact me with communications and other advertisements.
Participation of Minors

For any participant under the age of 18, the co-signing (required) Parent or Legal Guardian assumes all responsibilities and liabilities contained in this document.

Official Rules

Official rules are available at www.westmichiganbass.com. Printed rules packets may be provided by request; however, availability is not guaranteed at any given event. By signing below, I acknowledge that the rules have been reviewed and understood.

Participant Release Agreement/Acknowledgment of Risk:

I have read the entire West Michigan Bass tournament rules. I agree to abide by all conditions stated in the rules as well as the Release Agreement and Acknowledgement of Risk Form clearly outlined above.